My favorite food is pizza, hands down. And in the West Valley, my favorite place to grab a pie is Sardella’s. They offer up great pizza, excellent wings and friendly service. It can’t be beat. Their warm chocolate chip cookies are pretty amazing, too.

The Food

No matter what you order at Sardella’s, you’ll be probably be pretty dang pleased.  My friends and I visit the 83rd Ave location often, and we’ve tried nearly everything on the menu. The meatballs and sauce are outstanding, but my favorite is the buffalo chicken pizza–it’s one of the best pies I’ve ever had. However, their barbecue chicken pizza and their Chicken Parm are outstanding, too. Everything comes with their tasty garlic knots, too (warm, soft, delicious!) Fancy a calzone? Sardella’s makes awesome calzones, too!

Another favorite of our table is the thin crust pizza with ricotta and sausage. They offer both deep dish and thin crust, so there is something for every pizza snob.

Order some cheese bread to go along with your pizzas; you won’t be disappointed. The wings are good too. Make sure you come for the wings at least once!
Everything tastes so fresh here; you know it’s handmade. These aren’t frozen pies; nothing tastes canned. The recipes haven’t changed in years, either. Except for the fact that they offer gluten-free pies now, too. If you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, know that Sardella’s takes it seriously. They have areas in the kitchen that are designated for gluten-free prep, so there’s no cross-contamination (and I’m told the gluten-free pizzas are great, too!

The Staff

Everyone at Sardella’s is friendly. The servers are always happy to provide suggestions if you need help with your order, and they are always smiling. Everyone seems to enjoy being there.

Sardella’s really seems to care about their customers. Everything here is delicious; they offer wonderful specials throughout the week, the pizzas won’t break your bank, and the staff genuinely seems to be happy to serve you. I can’t recommend a better place for pizza in the West Valley than here.

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