The Coronado is set to conquer the Phoenix food scene. By taking a fresh look at traditional fare and food pairings, they create scrumptious twists from tried and true recipes. It is a restaurant where diners can stretch their taste buds and take them on a jog through some delightfully delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Open 7 days a week, patrons can stop in whenever their schedule allows.

Breakfast is one of the best times to stop off at The Coronado. The Jalapeno Waffles are a local favorite that combines traditional waffles with a little bit of Southwestern spice. There’s also the Farmyard Veggie Scramble, the Biscuits and Gravy,and the Good Morning Sandwich, which is full of tofu and grilled mushrooms to give the immune system a boost on the way to the office. For diners looking for something light and easy, the pastry selection is one of the largest and most diverse I have come across since moving here.

I highly recommend guests start their lunches or dinners with the starters. The street corn is roasted and served with just the perfect touch of vegan mayonnaise and cotija cheese. Another of my favorites is the Coronado salad that features crisp romaine lettuce, black beans, tomato and tortillas served with an incredibly creamy avocado dressing.

For the main course, the tacos can’t be beaten. The vegan chorizo taco, potato taco, and cauliflower tacos are worthy twists to traditional Southwestern recipes. Masterfully crafted, each taco plate will fill you up and wishing you had a larger stomach.

Of course, no restaurant in Phoenix would be complete without a healthy helping of chili dishes for patrons to choose from. One of my favorites is the black coffee chili & cornbread, which is the perfect blend of beans and spices that are perked up with a bit of coffee. It’s a twist that is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning. There are also the chili guacamole fries and huevos rancheros. Each of these dishes contains just the right amount of spice to put a little extra spring in your step.

For guests in a hurry, the sandwiches are perfect for picking up during a busy lunch hour. I’m partial to the avocado sandwich and jackfruit sliders, which have a perfect balance of sugar and spice. They’re not too sweet and not too sour which leaves the taste buds pleasantly confused as the flavors mingle about.

When work is done for the day, I suggest taking a sip of The Coronado’s many delicious cocktails. These in-house concoctions blend everything from tequila and Cointreau to vodka and Kahlua. Each of the restaurant’s cocktails hits the sweet spot right on target with every sip. Moreover, the wait staff can help pick the perfect pairing for the items on the menu.

The Coronado offers plenty of twists to diner’s favorite dishes. For those looking for a veggie twist to traditional recipes, they will find everything they’ve ever wanted in this fabulous Phoenix restaurant.

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