I’m always looking for a good meal and new restaurants to try out. As a fan of Asian cuisine I’d been looking for something different than my normal places if just for a change of pace. I read that Roka Akor in Scottsdale was worth the trip and they had won several awards so I decided to try them out on my next day off.

The Decor

When I sit down in a restaurant, I think the atmosphere is important as it tells you a lot about a place. Roka Akor was a very modern restaurant in terms of style with clean, comfortable seating, and a design aesthetic that was minimalistic.

A theme of the restaurant was natural elements such as wood being a highlighted material in the overall design. It was very professional and upscale in terms of presentation. It is a little dark inside, but it fits the overall style of the restaurant which is not overly bright and makes key use of wood and earth tones.

The Food

I was already impressed by the look of Roka Akor and it certainly felt like a restaurant that had won a lot of awards. However, looks aren’t everything and the food is the most important part.

I decided to start off with a salad. The yellowtail sashimi salad was excellent – the fish flavorful, the dressing well balanced, and the greens fresh.

I wasn’t in the mood for sushi but I did want fish and the Yuzu Miso Marinated Black Cod was noted as a signature dish so I ordered that as an entree. The plating was excellent it just looked appealing before I even took a bite. The cod was expertly cooked and had a sweet buttery flavor that paired well with the miso sauce.
For dessert I had Matcha Ganache Chocolate Cake and it was rich and full of wonderful flavors.

Final Thoughts

After everything I read about Roka Akor, it would have been hard for any restaurant it measure up to that. However, their reputation is well earned. Their food is some of the best I’ve had in a long time.

Everything was well made, the ingredients fresh, the presentation elegant, and the flavors well balanced. A lot of higher end restaurants don’t measure up to the expense, but Roka Akor is one of the rare ones that does. Well worth the time and money – 5 out of 5!

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